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lynx -source http://go-pear.org | php
[elf@server webdb]$ lynx -source http://go-pear.org | php
Welcome to go-pear!

Go-pear will install the 'pear' command and all the files needed by
it.  This command is your tool for PEAR installation and maintenance.

Go-pear also lets you download and install the PEAR packages bundled
with PHP: DB, Net_Socket, Net_SMTP, Mail, XML_Parser, phpUnit.

If you wish to abort, press Control-C now, or press Enter to continue:

HTTP proxy (http://user:password@proxy.myhost.com:port), or Enter for none::
Below is a suggested file layout for your new PEAR installation.  To
change individual locations, type the number in front of the
directory.  Type 'all' to change all of them or simply press Enter to
accept these locations.

 1. Installation prefix           : /usr
 2. Binaries directory            : $prefix/bin
 3. PHP code directory ($php_dir) : $prefix/share/pear
 4. Documentation base directory  : $php_dir/docs
 5. Data base directory           : $php_dir/data
 6. Tests base directory          : $php_dir/tests

1-6, 'all' or Enter to continue: 

The following PEAR packages are bundled with PHP: DB, Net_Socket, Net_SMTP,
Mail, XML_Parser, phpUnit.
Would you like to install these as well? [Y/n] :

Loading zlib: ok
Downloading package: PEAR.............ok
Downloading package: Archive_Tar......ok
Downloading package: Console_Getopt....ok
Downloading package: XML_RPC..........ok
Bootstrapping: PEAR...................(remote) ok
Bootstrapping: Archive_Tar............(remote) ok
Bootstrapping: Console_Getopt.........(remote) ok
Downloading package: DB...............ok
Downloading package: Net_Socket.......ok
Downloading package: Net_SMTP.........ok
Downloading package: Mail.............ok
Downloading package: XML_Parser.......ok
Downloading package: phpUnit..........ok
Extracting installer..................ok
install ok: PEAR 1.3b3
install ok: Archive_Tar 1.1
install ok: Console_Getopt 1.0
install ok: XML_RPC 1.0.4
install ok: DB 1.5.0RC2
install ok: Net_Socket 1.0.1
install ok: Net_SMTP 1.2.3
install ok: Mail 1.1.2
install ok: XML_Parser 1.0.1
warning : the following errors were found:
invalid package version
install ok: PHPUnit 1.0.0-alpha2
WARNING!  The include_path defined in the currently used php.ini does not
contain the PEAR PHP directory you just specified:
If the specified directory is also not in the include_path used by
your scripts, you will have problems getting any PEAR packages working.

Would you like to alter php.ini </etc/php.ini>? [Y/n] : 
I will add a workaround for this in the 'pear' command to make sure
the installer works, but please look over your php.ini or Apache
configuration to make sure /home/elf/public_html/popmail/share/pear is in your

Current include path           : .:/usr/share/pear
Configured directory           : /home/elf/public_html/popmail/share/pear
Currently used php.ini (guess) : /etc/php.ini
Press Enter to continue:
** WARNING! Old version found at /usr/bin/pear, please remove it or be sure to
use the new /home/elf/public_html/popmail/bin/pear command

The 'pear' command is now at your service at /home/elf/public_html/popmail/bin/pear

** The 'pear' command is not currently in your PATH, so you need to
** use '/home/elf/public_html/popmail/bin/pear' until you have added
** '/home/elf/public_html/popmail/bin' to your PATH environment variable.

Run it without parameters to see the available actions, try 'pear list'
to see what packages are installed, or 'pear help' for help.

For more information about PEAR, see:


Thanks for using go-pear!

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