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"About" Groups

"About" groups are those which assert no legal or informal rights to the name they use. They've reserved about channels on the network. The following such groups and projects maintain official relationships with freenode and PDPC. Each registered "about" group is listed on this page, along with the top level domain(s) under which its affiliated users may be cloaked. Cloaks are special "virtual hostnames" which appear on a user's freenode session to indicate that user's affiliation with a group.

Peer-Directed Projects Center attempts to verify information submitted on group contact forms and will gladly provide suggestions on naming for groups which may be interested in using the primary channel name space. For information on the privacy of group contact information, please see our interim group privacy policy. See Group Registration for information on establishing an official relationship with freenode by submitting contact information for your group or organization.

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